Doctor or Tattoo Artist: Who’s Taking Off Your Tattoo?

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Doctor or Tattoo Artist: Who’s Taking Off Your Tattoo?

With anywhere from 6 to 15 million Americans wanting to either remove one of their tattoos, or partially remove one in order to cover it up, the dilemma has recently become “Where do you go to get it off?”

In most states only physicians, or a trained person under the supervision of a physician, have been allowed to operate lasers for tattoo removal.   However the high cost, pain, and inadequate removal of all colors associated with lasers has resulted in only 2% of those wishing for a tattoo removed actually getting it off.

In comes a new technology based on the body’s own ability to heal its wounds and it is so natural that the tattoo studio artist can remove the tattoo—no doctor required! This new technique, referred to as escharotic, is similar to “reverse” tattooing.  The client will feel the same discomfort as when the tattoo was originally placed, it removes all colors effectively, and is less costly.

So the question becomes:  Where will you have it done?  At your dermatologist’s office or at your tattoo studio?  Tulane University performed a study of 500 tattooed individuals in 38 different states and found that about 80% of those tattooed individuals believed that dermatologists were knowledgeable about complications of tattoos, compared to 93% for tattoo artists.

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