Ink Hunters Studio – Montreal Quebec Canada

//Ink Hunters Studio – Montreal Quebec Canada

Ink Hunters Studio – Montreal Quebec Canada

When Passion Turns Into a Career

As with every first in an industry needs to be celebrated, for Tatt2Away’s non-laser tattoo removal systems, Canada’s first location has opened up and is now being offered by the founder of Ink Hunters Studio, Marie Lauriault in Montreal Quebec Canada. Having been a part of the tattoo community in Montreal and enjoying the expression of oneself through their body art, had also seen the need to have a better way to get rid of unwanted art. Feeling that a career change was in order, Marie researched, tested and contacted Tatt2Away about bringing it to everyone “north of the border”.

“Being the first is very important,” Marie began, “ to have for Canada’s tattoo community the unlimited choices that Tatt2Away now allows us access to.” For the longest time, laser treatments were the only thing people knew that was used to get rid of a tattoo. It is also something most, especially if they have tried once or twice, would like to avoid. Now they can with the Tatt2Away process!

The New Standard of Care in Canada

The other methods previously used left a lot to be desired – mainly the actual removal of the tattoo ink. “Lasers break up the ink particles of the color they can affect,” continued Marie, “but everyone must be concerned that whichever color it hits is not leaving the body, it’s transferred to other parts of your body like the lymph nodes and the liver.” That is what is best about Tatt2Away, it actually lifts and draws the ink, no matter the color, out of the skin and away from the body. “I liked the dots [the template used in a session for uniformity of results] that you could rely on for the right outcome each time you perform a session,” said Marie.

Tattoo removal has not seen a significant advancement in treatment, technique or outcomes in years, and now tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike can now have the non-laser solution that works for those old, faded, and unwanted tattoos. “The natural process of Tatt2Away goes hand in hand,” Marie concludes, “with the healing process the body that allows for optimal results of a partial removal towards a cover up, or a complete removal of the ink and pigment.” Marie at Ink Hunters is looking forward to being of great assistance to those in Montreal both those who have them, and those who give them, and to bring this innovation to the Canadian people.

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