3 Reasons Dermatologists Add Tattoo Removal Alternatives

//3 Reasons Dermatologists Add Tattoo Removal Alternatives

3 Reasons Dermatologists Add Tattoo Removal Alternatives

We have found that there are several reasons why those who work with skin in any capacity, but more specifically dermatologists and those in the medical field look to add alternatives to what they are doing with lasers and tattoo removals. Here’s the top three of what we have found:

1.) Huge demand for tattoo removal
Dermatologists acknowledged the growing need for non-laser tattoo removal at their recent annual meeting (American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)).  A team from Tulane University surveyed 500 tattooed individuals and found that 21% of them would like one removed. If you do the math, this could mean up to 15 million Americans wanting a tattoo off.  Translate:  a huge opportunity!

2.) No good technique
Lasers have not been able to live up to a decent value proposition.  Lasers are painful, costly, and don’t do a good job so the word is out among those tattooed that “it’s just not worth it”.

3.) Innovative technology that can elevate their image
With an opportunity this large comes revolutionary science: a new non-laser way to remove tattoos.  By creating a tiny little wound and adding a patented solution that binds to the tattoo ink, the body then heals the wound from the inside out forming a scab that pulls the ink to the surface and falls off.  Dermatologists who adopt this new form of tattoo removal will set their practice apart from those that are still only offering laser tattoo removal. This technique has been used in over 2500 tattoo removal treatments using a product developed over 8 years by Rejuvatek Medical.

To learn more about how to offer this new technology to your patients,
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