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I Want My Tattoo Removed

Don’t let that unwanted tattoo hold you back any longer, there is now an efficient way to remove all colors of a tattoo with fewer treatments, less cost, and nominal discomfort. Rejuvatek Medical’s Tatt2Away System is the answer for your tattoo removal needs. When you are looking to have:

  • Complete tattoo removal
  • Partial tattoo removal
  • Selective removal for a cover up tattoo
  • Permanent make-up removal
  • Residual colors left from laser removal

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“I found myself not wanting to wear a two-piece swim suit because my tattoo would show. So I researched and found Tatt2Away to be able to remove my tattoo. I have had three treatments and I am very pleased with the outcome.”

“I’m super pleased with my most recent treatment… I feel like the end is in sight!”

Janet A., San Francisco CA

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