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Globally, there is a huge pent-up demand for tattoo removal without any good solution for effective removal that has nominal pain and a reasonable number of treatments.

After years of research Rejuvatek Medical has developed a patented process that creates a series of micro-wounds in a precisely spaced pattern. A proprietary solution is then introduced into the micro-wounds and the body’s natural wound healing process takes over; bringing the tattoo ink that has been encapsulated into the scab up through the skin. This process has been coined “Trans Epidermal Pigment Release®” (TEPR®) and is based on the body’s escharotic wound healing response.

This innovative technology addresses all the concerns of the 6 million Americans who have been waiting to get their tattoo removed. By offering this new innovative procedure you can entice an entirely new patient flow into your practice, expose them to your other offerings, and distinguish your practice from others.


Of the almost 8 million Americans waiting for a better solution to getting their tattoo removed, about 40% of them will only go to a physician’s office or clinic setting. These are often those who got their tattoo when they were young and now have career or social reasons for removing it

Because of the pent up demand, the group who only wants a clinic setting, and various options, your practice can attract this large demographic group; and once in your office, they will be exposed to your other offerings each time they come for a Tatt2Away treatment (3-4 times).

You can now address the pent up demand for tattoo removal with a method that actually WORKS

With Tatt2Away, patients have many options for removing ALL colors of their tattoo:

  • There entire tattoo can be removed entirely
  • A portion of their tattoo (often a name) can be removed
  • A selective section of a tattoo can be removed in preparation for a cover up tattoo
  • Permanent make up can be removed
  • Residual ink from a prior laser tattoo removal process can be removed

Here are  quotes from our very happy patients:

“I had an appointment set to remove my tattoo using a laser in a couple days and then heard about Tatt2Away from my brother and cancelled my laser appointment immediately. I am glad I did Tatt2Away and not the laser”

Joe, Modesto, California

“I searched online and found that there really was no alternative to laser that works. Then I found Tatt2Away and have had two treatments. I am pleased with the outcome.”

M.A. Project Manager, General Contracting firm in California


Adding to your revenues with those who would potentially not cross the door of your location – Giving you more business that adds to your profits, and not take from your bottom line.

Adding Tatt2Away non laser tattoo removal to your service offerings will attract new patients into your office that may never have visited without this enticement.

These new patients will return for 4 treatments, each time being exposed to other procedures you offer.

Each patient will add not only a new revenue from the Tatt2Away procedures, but also from the other selections they may make while under your care.

Under very conservative projections,Tatt2Away alone is cash positive within the first year and should bring triple-digit profits by year two and on.

The Right System for a Continually Growing Patient Base.


Designed for Consistency to Provide Optimum Results

With over 4000 treatments performed using the patented Tatt2Away system, we have learned how each and every component contributes to the consistency of the treatment.  Consistent treatment procedures produce optimum results and give your patients confidence in outcome expectations.

Years of research have shown that the size and spacing between the treatment dots, along with the appropriate amount of solution delivered is critical for speed of healing, least scarring potential, and return to natural skin color.

To that end, listed below are some examples of our patented system components that help the operator maintain that critical spacing and continuous flow that has been proven to be critical for producing  excellent results:

  • Continuous energy to provide for uniform flow of amount and concentration of solution throughout the entire procedure: no worries about diminishing power that might alter flow and concentration of solution being delivered.
  •  Ergonomic hand piece to avoid hand fatigue that may cause different delivery to treatment dots due to varying grips because of hand fatigue.
  • Ergonomic hand piece that allows full visibility at all times throughout the procedure to insure precise placement of treatment dots: does not interfere with operator vision while treating dots.
  • Transparent templates so that the dots can be placed exactly the same distance apart not only for the first treatment, but for following treatments where the critical spacing is even more important. Using an opaque template may not allow visualization between dots to maintain proper spacing.
  • Adhesive backing on template to insure equidistance between treatment dots for each and every treatment; avoiding slipping of template when applying marker for dots that may cause improper dot alignment.

Improve Outcomes

Using the TEPR® procedure, your patients will be able to have all tattoo colors removed that can satisfy their desire for:
Complete tattoo removal
Partial tattoo removal
Selective removal for a cover up tattoo
Permanent make-up removal
Residual colors left from laser removal

Expand Patient Base

Over 6 Million Americans are seeking a way to remove their undesired tattoo but only 2% are actually having it done because they have been waiting for an alternative to laser removal. You can actively attract those patients and expose them to your other services each time they come for their Tatt2Away treatment; patients who otherwise may not have found you.

Distinguish Your Practice

By offering this latest innovative technology, it sets your practice apart from others and positions you as a comprehensive leader. Patients who could be shopping for a specific procedure could select your office because they can also have their tattoo removed. Your practice will be set apart from those who do not offer Tatt2Away.

Attract the Millions of Patients Who Have Been Waiting for a Better Solution

Offer Your Patients the Most Innovative Tattoo Removal

The New Standard of Care

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